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Kasey Kaimann experienced a miraculous encounter with Jesus at a Steubenville Conference that changed her life. She shared her faith journey of following Jesus’ call as a Mt. Mercy student on Dec. 7th. Watch the video of her testimony, “Who You Follow…Determines Who You Become.”    

Tony and Sue May gave their story, “The Rosary Changed Everything” at St Patrick parish center on August 10th.  

Gary Smith shares about Catholic Evangelization Outreach on the Terry and Jesse Show. 

Bill Hunter’s life has been one of broken relationships, addictions, fear, lost identity, self-hatred, insecurity and shame. Hear Bill tell his story of living a Catholic life, while living with the guilt of same sex attraction. 

Stephanie used to equate academic success and worldly achievement as the measure of self-worth. As control over her success started to slip, so did her confidence. It was during this time that the Lord showed her identity as a daughter of the King. Finally, after years of struggling, she surrendered herself to Him and He started the healing process.

Jesse Romero delivered a dynamic witness and easy to remember ways to evangelize to others.

Running has always kept me grounded in my faith. It helped me learn humility and companionship and how it related to living a Christian life. But when the thing you once had so much joy from suddenly is the root of anger and disappointment, how can you bounce back? This is a story of embracing change and learning to trust in God’s plan.

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